Bigger, better, brighter! The one of its kind ILLUMI paint party run is back! LIVE, LOVE & GLO is all that matters. LIVE the experience of the ultimate party on the run. Share the LOVE with kindred spirits in a celebration of colour, and GLO the night away as you dance to the beat of electrifying music amidst a sea of illuminated hearts.

The party never stops with the ILLUMI glow zones placed across the run route and music pumping. Blaze through the run in a flash of colour and celebrate in illuminated flair.


ILLUMI RUN glow water

Illumi Fest

Lose yourself in an array of ILLUMI festivities located within the race village. Revel through the various stations and create memories with fellow partygoers before you embark on the run.

ILLUMI RUN glow water

illumi glow zones

Enter into a different world where colour is our expression of freedom, love and euphoria. Embrace the rain of colour in
our glow zones as you run and dance through the night.

ILLUMI RUN glow water


There is never a dull moment with our ILLUMINATORS armed with glow water to keep your glow fresh and bright. Get a splash of colour as you party towards the finish line.

ILLUMI RUN glow water

ILLUMI Paint Party

Painted in a plethora of illuminated colours, with adrenaline pumping
in your veins, the ILLUMI experience ascends to a climax of colour and heart thumping music. Party to the beats of our DJs and light up the night.